40 weeks in your womb, 50 weeks in your arms, forever in your heart.

Her 40 weeks journey of pain for the gain ends when she pushes until she feels that she will perish away. However, hearing her baby's cry vanishes the surge of pain in a spur of a moment. Her world sparkles within her tears, as she cherishes the little soul while feeling the soreness deep within. She is you, she is me, and she is us; the women. She is the supreme one who bears the burden of the universe. She is the chosen one; to keep the natural cycle going at the expense of herself.  Therefore, she deserves care and support that 90 weeks have vowed to give throughout her 90 weeks journey. We have committed to stand with all new moms in the painful phase of pregnancy pleasures and will even guide her at the befuddled but brave breastfeeding stage.

We completely understand that for a mother, the journey never ends with the delivery; it begins with it.   So, celebrate 90 weeks of sheer camaraderie, 40 weeks in your womb, 50 weeks in your arms, forever in your heart. It is jubilant ecstasy bestowed upon the species of women, unique to females, creative experience crowned by the chosen ones. You are the custodian of the legacy of divine power.  That is why respect yourself, and embark on the journey of creation with us. You need to feel the movement of existence and listen to the rhythm of life within you. You are to hold your baby either inside your womb or no later in your arms, watching the map of bones that belongs to you, smelling the fragrance of your soul out spreading from the tiny body, receiving a part of your own self finding apart, detached from you, without it, you can’t live.

We completely apprehend the emotions behind the first sight of your unseen but strongly loved baby.  We know how the warmth of your lap consoles him/her and the sweetness of your magic potions strengthens him/her. Therefore, we will never leave you alone in another beautiful but challenging phase of your memorable motherhood. That is the reason, we have a wide range of products to elevate smile rates and alleviate the pain graph of these 90 weeks of pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Moreover, to make your palpable pregnancy moments more substantial, we will be communicating with you through our periodic newsletters. Because we understand that you need someone who feels the same, who believes in you, and who knows that nothing is surreal to a mother. Everything makes sense, every sensation is existent and every vibe is true.

Furthermore, we will be guiding you with tips and tricks, diet charts and exercises, words, and sentiments.  At 90 weeks we are devoted to providing a one-stop solution at one super e-store. We are here to make motherhoods convenient.  Therefore, we provide all kinds of support in one place; be it physical strength or mental support. All you need to do is a single tap to have it all.

We will never leave your side unless you celebrate the baby's first birthday. We will be watching your beautiful glory with your own eyes. Let us make the journey of 90 weeks suave and smooth, every week celebrated with a sense of growth within and outside you! Being a woman, a distinct being, and a happy mother, I, with my team, have decided to pave the way for species of my kind!