Sensory Fidget Toy Set



Sensory Fidget Toy Set, Pop It Fidgets Pack Relieves Stress Anxiety for Kids Adults, Special Toys Assortment for Birthday Party Favors, Classroom Rewards Prizes

【 12 different toys】12 types of anti-stress toys: Sensory Fidget Toys, Tubes, Infinity Cube, Squeeze Grape Ball, Sticky Balls, Squeeze Bean, Wacky Tracks, Marble and Mesh, Sensory Rings, Chain Fidget Toy, Mochi Squishy toys.

【Fidget and Sensory Toys】- This anti-stress toy set will reduce your stress. Relaxation therapy can help children and adults with high levels of stress or anxiety by channeling energy to increase focus and keep the hands silent. It is perfect as a decompression toy for special needs.

【Non-toxic and Environmentally Friendly】- Nontoxic, tasteless silicone will not harm people or pets. (no chew toy) Bright colors and pleasant noises soothe or distract every child! Reusable and washable.

【Psychological help】- Can help to recognize and stabilize mental performance. Some people push things together while thinking and brainstorming. For children and teenagers with autism, ADD, and ADHD, this is a good sedative. Have fun and take the stress away for hours.

【IDEAL GIFT】A fabulous gift idea for Christmas gifts, birthday gifts, reward gifts, stress-relieving toy gifts for special needs. If you are feeling stressed or bored, this toy set will be helpful for you. It is suitable for both adults and children.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Great value for money

I really admire that the company decided to sell this as a bundle because there will always be something for everyone's need which is perfect for classrooms. All the goodies in this were great!It helped my students to stay calm in our class. This product is absolutely amazing! Great for those who are suffering from sensory processing disorder and for those who are having a hard time focusing.These toys have helped way more than I thought they would. I would also have to say these toys are fun I've been playing with them also. Definitely a great buy.

Betty Y.
Great distraction for kids

This package was a great value for our money because it has a great variety of twelve fidget toys to play from. My daughter and son gets to choose which one they like. It helped my son a lot during Zoom time for virtual learning. What I love most about these wonderfuls toys is it distract my kids from playing with my stuffs and writing on the walls. It keeps them busy for few hours which is great for their sensory needs. This package was a great value for our money because it is reusable and washable. And of course, no need to worry for house repaint since this help them stop from writing on our walls. I highly recommend this.

Hiu M.
Great toy for kids

The amount of items in this box is outstanding for the price. The kids love them. They sit and play with them longer than the other expensive toys I bought. They’re great quality, creative, and affordable. All in all, I'd say that this was an utterly fantastic buy and I would definitely recommend. In fact, my daughter's friend's birthday is coming and I have ordered another one for her as a present.

Amorphic R
Kids love them

I bought one for my 6 years old daughter. They can help her focus in school. She likes them very much. Very creative products, recommended.