AlertCare Kids 3-ply Disposable Face Mask (20 PCs)



AlertCare 3-ply Kids Face Mask 20 PCS helps minimize contamination and reduce exposure to blood and body fluids. This lightweight mask helps protect others from bacteria exhaled by wearer, as well as providing comfort and easy breathing. These masks have no fiberglass or latex and are single use only. Use for general purpose infection control.
  •   3-ply disposable mask
  •   Filters out 99% bacteria
  •   Single use only
  •   Easy to breathe through
  •   Soft, odorless, non-irritating
  •   Made with Non-Woven Fabrics
How to Use: 
Step 1.Carefully help your child wear the mask by placing a loop around each ear. 
Step 2.Stretch mask above nostrils and below chin with the metal nosepiece up
Step 3.Press the flexible metal nosepiece to fit snugly around the nose
Make sure the mask will fully cover your child’s nose and mouth according to the mask dimensions below:
Mask width: 5.7 in
Mask height relaxed (pleats closed): 3.7 in
Mask height extended (pleats opened): 5.7 in
Ear loop strap length per side, joint-to-joint: 5.5 in
This mask should not be used for toxic or hazardous air contaminants, such as paint spray, asbestos, silica, cotton, or other toxic dusts, gases, fumes and vapors. Replace the mask if breathing becomes difficult. This Mask is not a Respirator. This product is intended for general purpose infection control practices. When properly worn, it reduces potential contact by the wearer to blood and bodily fluids but does not eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. The mask should be changed immediately if splashed with blood or bodily fluid. This mask is not to be used except as indicated.

Recommended for ages 4-12
One size fits most

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