SpringBud Pregnancy Belly Band Maternity Support Belt (Beige)



Maternity Belt, Breathable Pregnancy Back Support, Premium Belly Band [1.3M+ Happy Mothers], Lightweight Abdominal Binder, One-Size, Beige

    • PROVIDES GENTLE COMPRESSION: in the abdominal area and helps ease the discomfort of pregnancy by supporting your baby bump. Made from soft and lightweight materials, nobody will even notice you're wearing one.
    • REDUCES PREGNANCY PAINS: This elastic maternity belt gives support for pregnant women who seek relief from hip and pelvic pains and other common stretching pains during pregnancy. Provides the lift you need to keep up with daily activities while correcting your posture and supporting abdominal muscles.
    • RELIEVES LOWER BACK PAIN: as this belly wrap supports the excess pregnancy weight to prevent straining your back by lessening spinal pressure effectively. It gives enough stretch and compression to reduce bladder pressure and distribute the baby's weight more evenly.
    • CORRECTS POOR POSTURE: while supporting weak abdominal muscles during pregnancy and even post-pregnancy. Comes in one convenient size that is fully adjustable and comfortable for everyday wear.
    • SOFT, LIGHTWEIGHT & BREATHABLE: pregnancy belt binder that acts as a mini cradle for your little one. Motherhood is a magical journey so enjoy it and don't limit yourself with the pregnancy pains and worries. Orders yours today!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alexis F.

This belt has been a life saver!!!! I practically live in it!!! Tremendously relieves my back pain and give any bump support. Highly recommend!!!!!!

Best relief for prego belly back pain

Use this when I sleep and NOTHING works as well. Definitely happy with this pregnancy belt. Would recommend it to other pregnant women who are petite pre pregnancy and need help dealing with the sudden big belly of pregnancy around 20 weeks.

Helping me survive pregnancy on my feet

At first it didn’t help because I believe I had the front portion at the right level, but the back portion was too low and too tight on my hips. Once I adjusted the back straps to go up higher on my hips while keeping the front portion low on my belly, I really feel the support.I work 12 hours on my feet. If I take the band off 6 hours into my shift, I could immediately feel my 32 weeks pregnant belly is heavier. This is how I know that this band really does support me.

A big help!

I am using this in my first and second trimester... haven't made it to three yet, so I hope it works just as well in couple of months. It does provide weight relief when I go walking.

Great for added support during work out

This was a great purchase. I am 5'10 and 6 months pregnant. I still work out and purchased this a few weeks ago to give support during my work outs and walks. I love the compression and support. It is breathable and very comfortable to wear. It also stays in place really well. I do not suffer from back pain, but I do feel better after wearing it around the house as it adjusts your posture a bit.