AlertCare 3-ply Earloop Face Mask Blue (50 Pack)



High-Quality Breathable & Comfortable Mask: ALERTCARE disposable face mask is made with soft non-woven materials that makes it easier to breathe. It is equipped with adjustable earloop - length can be adjusted according to the face. It does not hurt your ears for a long time wearing and it's not easy to break, the face mask giving you a very comfortable experience at any time.

3-Ply Procedural Masks For Multi-Layer Protection: BFE > 99%. Outer colored layer is the water-resistant layer that protects you from splashing liquid and water droplets. The middle layer is a filtering layer that stops particles from 0.3 to 1.0 pm. The innermost layer is a water-absorbing layer, which can absorb the moisture from the breath of the wearer, avoiding the filtering layer from getting wet.

Safe To Use: ALERTCARE disposable face mask is made with a 3D efficient elastic design. The face mask fits the contours of the face in all aspects, which has a metal nose bridge strip, fits the nose shape, and avoids the dust or droplet from entering the nose from both sides. Perfectly safe and fit for men, women, kids, adults.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 24 reviews
    Comfortable high quality masks

    These masks are, first of all, surprisingly comfortable. The type of string they use is elastic but doesn’t chaff against the back of your ears. Breathing is not uncomfortable in these masks. They are soft and smooth and not at all scratchy.

    Rebecca T.
    100% satisfied

    I initially ordered one box of these. The masks were delivered promptly, packaging was intact and masks were sealed in a separate liner within the carton. Lightweight, breathable, comfortable. I ordered a second box with the same results. Seller also contacted me by mail to ensure that I did, in fact, receive what I had ordered and in the condition that was expected. 100% satisfied.

    Excellent quality!

    These are by far the best masks I have purchased yet! I have purchased the same type mask several times before from other sellers and they were all made in China. The quality of this mask is far superior to the others. First thing to know, and most important imo, is that these masks are FDA approved and ISO certified. They are also fiberglass free, also highly important. Honestly, I’m not sure if these masks were manufactured in China but the company that sells them, Alertcare, is based right here in the U.S.A. - and again, they are FDA approved and ISO certified. I immediately noticed the difference in the quality of these masks vs the others I have purchased as soon as I opened the box and pulled one out. The material is super soft and seems thicker (not heavier) than the others I have worn and they are very breathable. I can wear this one all day long and it does not collect moisture like the other masks, which would sometimes become damp within about 4-5 hrs of wear ( although I work inside, it is very hot here where I live and I have a physical job) and honestly, if you want to stretch their use and save money as they are kind of pricey, one can be worn for a couple days. I have done so with no issues. There is no “off” smell to these masks either and the folds in the mask don’t come apart as they sometimes did with the others. They are well worth the extra cost. I highly recommend this product.Just to add - the metal nose strip conforms very well to the nose and holds its shape also, unlike the ones in other masks I have purchased.UPDATE - I looked these up and it stated that the masks are made in the USA.

    Better quality!!

    I have placed two orders for face mask. After wearing the two different brands the "Alertcare Face Mask" is a much beter quality, they are larger, stronger, but softer, and odorless, then my previous purchase from a different vendor on AmazonSmile!. I highly recommend The Alertcae face mask, they are easier to breath through and are comfortable

    Seals around nose well, quality materials

    I've tried several types of protective masks that use a thin plastic for contouring around the nose. Alertcare uses a thin strip of metal that conforms and seals the nose area for added protection and lessens eyeglass fogging. That sealing makes for a safer mask wearing experience and still allows normal breathing. So far I've had no elastic failure of the ear loops even after the mask sat in my hot car for several hours. The Alertcare masks are more expensive than many sold on Amazon as noted by some reviewers. I'm willing to pay for increased protection and quality.