Little Martin’s Electric Double Breast Pump With Rechargeable Battery

Color: Light Pink


Little Martin’s Electric Double Breast Milk Pump Kit, Rechargeable Battery - Wireless and Travel Friendly.  Advanced rhythmic design mimics a baby's natural sucking behavior so you can safely release more milk, fast and consistently. Cushioned silicone breast shield maximizes comfort and prevents leakage. BPA free nipples are soft and natural.

  • IMPROVES MILK FLOW – Advanced rhythmic design mimics a baby's natural sucking behavior so you can safely release more milk, faster and consistently
  • DISCREET & QUIET – Featuring a whisper quiet motor and rechargeable lithium battery, this lightweight breast pump and milk bottles are travel-friendly
  • PUMP WHILE FEEDING – Convert device into single pump by simply closing the second loop to pump your other breast while baby is feeding
  • DUAL MODE TECHNOLOGY – Select between 20 fast or slow pumping patterns to change suction power and milk flow based on your comfort or time available
  • COMFORTABLE & FLEXIBLE – Cushioned silicone breast shield maximizes comfort and prevents leakage, while BPA-free nipples feel soft and natural

Manual - English (PDF)

Technology Simulation/Suction Tri-mode Technology
Weight 341g (incl. battery)
Material BPA free, PP, FDA approved
Features Display
Suction Power 60mmHg-280mmHg
Noise level <60dB
Product life >800 hours
Lithium battery life >500 charges
Auto Shut Down Timer 30 mins
Warranty 6 months

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Mama milk made easy!!

I needed something that would get to me ASAP to relieve the pressure from a heavy let down! I have a baby that is only staying awake long enough to nurse from one side every couple of hours. I opted to use this on one side while I nurse on the other! Oh my am I pleased! Once I got the suction right I am able to feed my baby on one side and collect 2-3oz on the other per feeding for my 1 week old baby!

Yasmeen A.
Best purchase! Awesome product

Best purchase! Awesome product. I put this on while nursing and got 2 ounces in 3 minutes. Only thing is that it kept falling off. Has a good suction once it's finally on. And the ounces are not correct, it's 1 ounce off. I uploaded another photo with the milk in a Dr Brown bottle

Martina G.
Cute portable breast pump

I'm working on making a stash so my supply wasn't that great in the photo but nonetheless this is a cute little electronic breast pump to have. I absolutely love the color and I love the silicone caps that go around the breast cups itself it's so much more comfortable than the plastic (p.s don't mind my husband in the backroind of the video I was pumping while he was video gaming haha)

Freedom while pumping!

This is an amazing little pump! The freedom of not being stuck in one spot while pumping is amazing. I am able to walk around and actually do things, including hanging out with my baby! I was skeptical at first that it would work as well as my Medela Pump in Style, and to my surprise... it actually seems to work as good, if not better. I use a little waist bag to carry it around with me because I don't trust the clip on the back to hold and I would hate to drop it. I wish you could purchase replacement parts separately, as I fear I will need them someday and it doesn't seem that Little Martin's sells them. My only complaint is that the time display on my pump is a tad warped and it can be hard to read the time. Otherwise this is an amazing pump and well worth purchasing!

Louise D.
Five Stars

These work just how I need them to! I have the Little Martin's single electric breast pump and just needed some more bottles. These are so convenient as I can pump milk directly into the bottles.