Fetal Doppler At Home


Pregnancy is the best chapter in every woman’s life. It is beautiful, exciting and can be thrilling which makes you feel little to super nervous! I know the emotions are exploding and you always want to know if your baby is all good there in your tummy. 

You’re pregnant and you know it can be an exciting, beautiful experience. But you’re also a little nervous. Or maybe you’re not so nervous as you are wanting to bond with your baby a little more — looking for a way to connect.

Don’t think it’s weird, duh all mom worries the same things over and over! To give you peace of mind why not have a portable fetal doppler? Yes, it exists!

Fetal doppler is like a handheld version of what ultrasound device that uses soundwaves to pick up baby heartbeats. Most doctors use this as well in clinics to detect your baby’s heartbeat from around 8 to 10 weeks up to 12 weeks. 

There may be a time that you will not be able to hear the heartbeat even at the doctor’s clinic at the start of around 8-10 weeks. That is normal and should not be alarmed, the 12th week you should hear it any cost.

But it doesn’t mean you have your fetal doppler at home you will not get appointments with the doctor. You can always stay on call regularly with your doctor if there is something not feeling right, having a fetal doppler during the pandemic is also a great decision when we avoid going outside especially pregnant moms have a weaker immune system. 

Keeping safe is every mom’s number one priority so everything we can do during the 9 months the baby is in your tummy let’s do and buy everything to track and make themselves.



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